We Don't Know About The Pulp Moulding Products
- Nov 24, 2018 -

Paper, plastics, glass, ceramics and metals are commonly used as packaging materials in modern packaging. Paper and plastics are cheap, easy to process and have a wide range of sources of raw materials. Usually, because plastic packaging materials can not degrade by themselves, people will think that paper-plastic products are more environmentally friendly, and plastic packaging materials will cause pollution.

In fact, let's take a look at the processing and recycling process of paper and plastic products.

First is the acquisition of raw materials, because small and medium-sized paper and plastic factories do not have a complete standard process for raw materials acquisition, most of the raw materials for waste paper are shown in the following figure.

The picture above is quite good. Maybe these pictures are more common in real life.

As far as the source of waste paper is concerned, the classification of waste paper in our country is not as fine as that in developed countries. Especially in the waste paper recycling area, many suburbs and small towns are still in a state of institutional deficiency. The recycling of waste raw materials is already a problem, there is no accurate classification, no disinfection procedures.

Such raw materials produce all kinds of packaging in our daily consumption. Egg tray, cup tray, tray, all kinds of pot packaging, all kinds of household appliances packaging)

ConclusionIn summary, the advantages of pulp moulding products are wide source of raw materials, simple production process, low investment in production equipment and low energy consumption. However, the shortcomings can not be ignored. The so-called secondary pollution of many degradable materials in production is not small, and the pollution after the production of paper and plastic, such as excessive use of chemicals, as well as the difficulty of recycling system, restricts the development of the paper and plastic industry.

The trend of packaging in the future is more important to establish a complete and traceable recycling system and minimize deforestation without damaging the environment, rather than simply drawing the conclusion that paper = environmental protection. We have a long way to go on the road of environmental protection.

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