How To Make A Pulp Mask
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The pulp mask is an interesting fabrication, the method is very simple, the first step: tear the newspaper tore up the old newspaper, put it in the basin, tore smaller. The second step: knead the newspaper further crushing pulp, add water and a little glue, stir evenly. The third step: pulp paste in the balloon on a layer of paper pulp paste to the balloon (only half of the paste balloon), evenly increase the thickness in the position of the nose repeatedly stacked paste, increase the height of the production of semi-finished masks in the right place to dry. Fourth step: The design of Facebook and expression for their own design a most special expression, as far as possible, can be exaggerated in the White paper to draw the first design manuscript, pay attention to highlight their most obvious features will be designed to carefully portray the face of the finished product mask completely dry, Apply the appropriate gouache paint. When the pigment dries, the balloon is deflated or punctured, and the mask is removed.

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