- Aug 23, 2018 -

The pulp is a fibrous material which is made of plant fiber as raw material by different processing methods. According to the processing method can be divided into mechanical pulp, chemical pulp and chemical machinery pulp, can also be divided into wood pulp, straw pulp, hemp pulp, reed pulp, cane pulp, bamboo pulp, broken cloth pulp, etc. according to the fiber material used. According to different purity can be divided into refined pulp, bleached pulp, unbleached pulp, high yield pulp, chemical pulp and so on. Generally used for making paper and cardboard. In addition to the production of special paper, refined pulp is often used as a raw material for the manufacture of cellulose derivatives such as cellulose esters and cellulose ethers. Also used in man-made fibres, plastics, coatings, film, gunpowder and other fields.

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