Classification of pulp
- Aug 23, 2018 -

① according to manufacturing methods are divided into chemical pulp (including caustic soda method pulp, kraft pulp, sulfite method pulp, etc.), mechanical pulp (including grinding wood pulp, plate mill mechanical pulp, hot grinding mechanical pulp, etc.) and chemical mechanical pulp 3 categories;

② according to raw material varieties into wood pulp, straw pulp, bamboo pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper slurry, etc.

③ according to the processing depth is divided into natural pulp, half bleaching pulp, bleaching pulp, refining slurry, etc. 

④ according to wood pulp on the timber yield is divided into chemical pulp (yield is 40~50%), high yield chemical slurry (yield is 50~65%), semi-solid pulp (yield is 65~84%), chemical mechanical pulp (yield is 85~94%), mechanical pulp (yield for 94~98%);

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